Following the recent opening of the Salesforce Innovation Centre in Salesforce Tower London, Salesforce have announced their new plans to expand the company with a second data centre in the

After attaining #1 Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management, Salesforce plans to invest over $2.5 billion over the next five years to fuel the growth of its UK business.

Salesforce’s continued investment and growth in London demonstrates the strength of technology in the city. It will be interesting to see if in the future we will see some providers in the North East.

 As the quality of Salesforce experiences rapid growth in the UK, Hamilton Bell are able to continue delivering a leading experience to clients and candidates.

The expansion of Salesforce will support the growth of the recruitment market. Expanding a market makes the market itself less niche, impelling more competition between companies.

 Salesforce expanding their business is great news for candidates, as it generate a lot more opportunities for work as the number of jobs and the number of projects available is increased.

The rapid expansion of Salesforce may create problems for candidates who use older CRM systems. They may find it difficult to move forward into Salesforce, as they haven’t been trained in the software.

In summary, it can be agreed that the expansion of Salesforces software technologies benefits both Hamilton Bell and it’s candidates greatly by enhancing the experience of both.