After the news of Oracle and LinkedIn teaming up to help reach more candidates and improve the candidate experience, my team at Hamilton Bell can use this to develop our own processes and look into what our clients will now look for in a candidate.

In order to help HR professionals meet the shifting demands of the talent economy, Oracle and LinkedIn have collaborated, creating a series of new integrations between the two companies. These integrations will improve both candidate and employee experience.

It is interesting to see how the continuous growth and development of software technologies can accommodate the needs, and improve experiences of companies nationwide.

The expanded relationship will help Hamilton Bell address the challenges of todays rapidly changing global talent marketplace. The changes will allow Hamilton Bell to enhance internal talent mobility by enabling employees to choose to import key elements of their LinkedIn profiles into their Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Profile.

Navigating these changes will be a sizeable challenge for Hamilton Bell to face. To successfully manage these changes, Hamilton Bell will evolve and develop their strategies and processes, allowing candidates to undergo a seamless and efficient recruiter experience.

The merge will help Hamilton Bell streamline recruitment by enabling LinkedIn Recruiter seat holders to search LinkedIn members and see those that best match a job.

Our candidate experience will be enhanced greatly due to the new integrations put in place; they will be enabled to apply for a job via Oracle Recruiting Cloud, and identify and contact their LinkedIn connections who can best refer them the job.

Our candidates’ career opportunities will be expanded through access to LinkedIn Learning courses and up-to-date insight on learner engagement within Oracle Learning Cloud.

 In conclusion, the collaboration of Oracle and LinkedIn can significantly help Hamilton Bell develop our processes, and further our understanding of what clients look for in a candidate.